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Airport Details        Mitta Mitta     Designator YITT
Location:                           36°30.7'S    147° 21.4'E    Var 12°E    WAC 3470    
Elevation:                          820ft AMSL
Operator:                          Mitta Airfield Pty Ltd
Landing Fee:                    Nil.   Permission (download) is required for all
Runways:                          Total length 910 metres   14/32   Gravel (895 metres)
Lighting:                           Nil
Communications:          Carriage of radio is required by AD OPR   
                                            Area  125.2     CTAF  126.7      ADS-B  > 2,500ft
Special:                              Strip runs parallel to Omeo Highway     
 High terrain in circuit area
Procedures:                      All circuits left hand.  Right turn on takeoff runway 32
Cautions:                           Fences and trees both ends. Bird, deer &
 kangaroo hazard.
                                            Windsock close to 32 threshold.
                                            Drones operate over the Caravan Park and
            golf course on approach to R32.  
            Check condition of strip prior to arrival.
Windsock:                         NW end.        Secondary (yellow) at threshold of 32
Facilities:                           Drinking water available    
 Telstra 4G (only) mobile phone coverage
Toilets:                                Not available
Nearest Town:                  Mitta Mitta   1.5nm SE
Attractions:                       Fishing, bushwalking, golf, mining history,
                                            white water rafting
Fuel:                                    Nil.  WorldFuel Swipe  & Aero Refuellers
  at Albury (32nm)
Conditions of Use:           Conditions (download) apply to all operations
Other Comments:           Cancel SAR above 2,500 ft AGL   
                                             Aircraft parking:  north of hangar ONLY
                                             Away from trees on highway side and windsock
                                             Vehicles are not permited on the runway
                 or in aircraft parking areas
Accommodation:            Mitta Pub (02) 6072-3542  
Weather:                            Current weather observations (see below)
Contact Details:               Russell & Robyn Kelly  (02) 6072-3632     
                                             0417-368-350   0418-223-882

"Wombat Gully"
Mitta Mitta,  Victoria 3701
Copyright Russell Kelly 2021
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